The Annual Bakersfield Backpack Drive

The mortgage professionals at Clarity Home Loans love helping people in Bakersfield, CA, find homes, and they love the connection they build with their community along the way. The real estate group is proud to give back and be of service to their neighbors. One such way our agents give back is through an annual backpack drive, which began in 2014.

Helping Kids in the Community

11924260_771980332923970_2546128289692829754_nThe backpack drive is an easy way that our Bakersfield residents can help give students in our area a step up toward a better education. From June to August each year, we ask people in the area to donate children’s backpacks, which we then donate to Stella Hills Elementary in the Bakersfield City School District. We also accept backpack donations at any other time throughout the year. People are welcome to purchase backpacks and bring them to our office or send them directly to us if they are purchased online. For the yearly drive, the employees at Clarity Home Loans are also happy to purchase and donate several backpacks themselves.

Over the years, we’ve donated more than 240 backpacks to local children. This is a simple, inexpensive donation for a person to make, with many options under $5-10, but it can mean so much for a child. A simple search on is also a great way to find bulk deals on backpacks.

Homes for Heroes

Another way we’re proud to connect with the people of Bakersfield is through the Homes for Heroes program. This program allows us to offer assistance at affordable rates to local teachers, law enforcement and healthcare professionals, and others who are interested in buying a home. We’re grateful for and proud of these individuals for choosing to serve others through their professions, and we know they rarely receive the true respect, adequate compensation, or thanks they deserve. We offer all types of mortgage solutions for our local heroes, including conventional mortgages, jumbo mortgages, FHA loans, VA loans, and more. Many of these homebuying solutions have competitive interest rates and minimal down payment options.

If you’re curious about the ways Clarity Home Loans gives back or you’re interested in talking with an agent about purchasing a home in Bakersfield, CA, contact us using the form below.