Tips for Fixing and Flipping Houses


Do you have some experience in home construction, real estate, or planning and hope to master the art of fixing and flipping homes? Clarity Home Loans in Bakersfield, CA is here to help you get started and learn how to fix and flip houses to maximize profits.  We wanted to blog this week on useful… [Read More]

FHA Loans


For some people, the dream of homeownership can seem like a far-off goal. One that requires a lot of income and savings for a down payment. FHA Loans are a program designed for moderate income people to afford and buy their first home. The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) insures these types of loans. Many FHA… [Read More]

VA Loans


VA Loans are a home mortgage program many benefits. This week, we share the right steps to ensure you understand how to apply for this government-sponsored program.  Clarity Home Loans enjoys helping the people who have served our country in Bakersfield, CA homeowners. Read below to understand the requirements for VA Loans and obtaining a… [Read More]

Native American Loans (Section 184)


If you are a member of a federally recognized tribe, you could be eligible for a special mortgage program. This product was designed by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). If you live in a fully recognized area such as Oklahoma, Kansas, New Mexico, Washington, California, Colorado, Oregon and Florida—review your state program. Tribal members… [Read More]

Bridge Loans


Are you selling your home and found a great offer on a new house that you cannot wait for? There are several financing options available to you. Some buyers will use a bridge loan. Bridge Loans can help you buy a new home even as you sell your current one—learn more from Clarity Home Loans… [Read More]

First Time Homebuyers (3% Down Conventional Loan)


There are great and affordable new options on the market for first-time home buyers. With many high-priced homes on the market, some new buyers are hesitant to start making plans to purchase. Owning a home may be more accessible than you think. This week, Clarity Home Loans is here to tell you about the re-launched… [Read More]

Homestyle Renovation Loans


Homestyle Renovation Loans exist in order to upgrade and improve a home in need of repairs during the purchase phase of the home. While there are many other options out there to make renovations, a Homestyle Loan may be simpler to use. It can be packaged with the home mortgage. Homestyle Renovation Loans are a… [Read More]

USDA Loans


Mortgages sponsored by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) are a great source of financing with many benefits. Many potential homeowners will be eligible to get no down payment, 100% financing, and construction loans through this amazing program. Whether you are considering a new construction home or buying an existing property, USDA may be… [Read More]

Mortgage Refinancing


Refinancing your mortgage may seem like a headache, but here at Clarity Home Loans, we aim to make it simple. By understanding your needs for refinancing, selecting the right program will be easy. Our team is here to discuss the mortgage refinancing options and programs available to Bakersfield California residents. Available Mortgage Refinancing Programs After… [Read More]

Bank Statement Loans


At Clarity Home Loans we find financing solutions for borrowers with all types of needs. Traditional home loans – and the traditional loan qualifying process – aren’t for everyone. Many self-employed borrowers, for example, are great candidates for home financing, but may not qualify for conventional financing because their tax returns don’t reflect their true… [Read More]