Help for Oilfield Families

If you or someone you know has experienced recent job loss, there may be help in the form of mortgage payment assistance. 

Keep Your Home California is a free service designed to assist homeowners experiencing hardship. This is a federally funded non-profit program organized by the State Finance Agency CalHFA MAC. There are many programs offered through this agency but for those of you who have been affected by the recent oilfield layoffs, you may want to begin with the Unemployment Mortgage Assistance Program.

The Unemployment Mortgage Assistance Program with Keep Your Home California provides assistance with your mortgage payment for those who qualify due to involuntary job loss. What does this mean to you? They can pay your mortgage payment for you until you return to work for up to 18 months. 

You will need to provide similar documentation to the agency as you did when you last financed your home and must fit the following guidelines.

  • Your home must be located in California
  • You must occupy your home as your primary residence. 
  • The amount you owe on your first mortgage loan must be equal or less than $729,750.
  • Must be experiencing hardship due to job loss or suffer severe reduced income
  • Upon your job loss, your income must be equal to or less than $69,500 (May differ in counties other than Kern)
  • You may not be in an active Bankruptcy

If you don't meet the above criteria, it would still be wise to call because there are other programs that may assist you. 

Download Full Program Description HERE
 and call 888-954-KEEP (5337)